is a fast fashion alternative that

-repairs worn clothing, extending its useful life
-adjusts the fit and features of clothing (hemming, adding pockets),
to optimize your existing wardrobe
-adds safety features to clothing for cyclists and pedestrians
(like reflective + hiviz details)
-educates individuals and groups about clothing care and repair
Get an estimate or book a class
taking measurements for gender gear - 100% free

Free bike pick up/delivery of repairs within the limits
of six Minneapolis neighborhoods:
Central, Powderhorn, Corcoran, Bryant, Bancroft, Standish

free services
Gender gear repairs (including underwear, harnesses, binders, bras) - first hour free, $16.50/hr after that

Repairs + alterations on plus-size clothing - $16.50/hr

discounted services
for repairs, alterations, customization:

1 hour and under: $20 flat fee
1-3 hours: $20/hr (pro-rated by half hour)
4th hour and over: $16.50/hr (pro-rated by half hour)

Average job $50 (about 2.5 hours)

standard price services
ONE-ON-ONE MENDING CLASSES in a sunny home studio located in Minneapolis’ Bancroft neighborhood.
Learn invisible, subtle, or visible mending
(by hand or machine) on almost any type of fabric
or item of clothing. $30/hr

POP-UP CLOTHING REPAIR CLINIC at your fair, event, art center, etc. Free repairs and repair education for
a general public. Day rate $230

for a two-hour mending workshop (2-3 people) $25/person.
You may host in your home; my studio is also available.

my philosophy
more info about repairs
I repair
- Jeans / pants (including butt / crotch)
- Woven shirts - for example, linen,
cotton, flannel
- Outerwear, including Carhartts & fleece
- Socks
- Leggings
- Sweatpants + sweatshirts
- Sweaters
- T-shirts
- Dresses + skirts
- Underwear, bras, bralettes
- Long underwear / base layers
- Bedding: duvet covers, sheets, etc

I do not repair
- Zippers: for Minneapolis folks,
I recommend Repair Lair
- Down items: better to DIY
with adhesive patches
(try Gear Aid brand)
- Leather: hire a leatherworker
for best results

I strive for repairs that are durable and subtle, unless you specify visible mending. Overall, my approach is pretty utilitarian.

Mail order repairs & customization
You pay to send your item(s) to me, and I pay up to $10 of the return shipping. Before mailing, please get an estimate.
Get an estimate
turn around
For a single item, about a week. For multiple items,
longer (up to 2-3 weeks).
forms of payment accepted
Paypal, Venmo, Cash
payment flexibility
For repairs over $50, you will receive an itemized bill
and have three weeks to pay. Why? I know some repairs
can be a financial investment. This is an easy way
for me to offer payment flexibility.
Bill will list standard and discounted rates; clients decide whether their item(s) fall into the discounted
categories of "plus size clothing" or "gender gear"
more info about customization
Common alterations:
- Hemming
- Taking in pants/skirt at the waist
- Cropping shirts
- Shorten sleeves
- Shorten straps on tank tops
- Add pockets

I especially like doing clothing customizations that help LGBTQ folks feel at home in their clothes. I do basic alterations on everyday clothing, with the goal of helping optimize your existing wardrobe. However, I recommend you take formalwear (fancy dresses, suits) to a tailor.