Hammer is the Prayer
Typewriting on muslin

All the individual laments in the book of Psalms, as well as all the songs of trust, compressed on a single plane.

References a poem of the same title by Christian Wiman: "Hammer is the prayer / of the poor and dying"

Say / Unsay

Typewriting on pieced muslin

Vaccine Diptych
Typewriting on muslin

Lent Book I

Typewriting on paper made by the artist; graphite, gum arabic, muslin, twine

Held in the special collections of the University of Iowa

Today My Praying is a Word

Typewriting on paper made by the artist, psalm fragments, marginal commentary

Say / Unsay II


Fingerprinted labels on rosaspina paper

08 March 2020 - 07 March 2021
Ink on muslin, cotton thread,
hand and machine piecing

DEMAND / PRAYER documents the first year of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Johnson County, Iowa. A county is the smallest geographic unit for which case data is available. Eventually, Iowa stopped reporting new cases on the county level.

The phrase “FROM PLAGUE DELIVER US” comes from a call-and-response section in the Book of Common Prayer called the Litany. Compiled during the Black Death, The Book of Common Prayer is still the source of most of the language used in Christian funerals and last rites.